Closed: Tuesday, December 5, 2023 ~ Thursday, December 7, 2023
TEL. +81 460-85-8411 (12 p.m. - 3 p.m.)
"Irorisaryo Hachiri" restaurant hours have been changed starting Friday, December 1.

Hakone Yuryo

Hakone Yuryo

A hot spring resort that’s easily accessible from Tokyo as a day trip

Guide to other facilities

1Front desk “Choba”

2Souvenir shop “Miyagean”

3Public baths “Honden Yurakuan Oyu”

4Private open - air baths “Hanare Yuya Kaden”

5Irori restaurant “Irorisaryo Hachiri”

6Relaxation “Hogushian Yururuka”

7Relaxation “Hogushidokoro Zaraku”

Front desk “Choba”

This is the reception area for visitors. Same - day reservations for the individual open - air hot spring baths can be made here. Purchases of towels for users of the main baths are also available here.

Souvenir shop “Miyagean”

Specialties and local items of Hakone and Odawara are available here. Original manju ( bun with a bean - jam filling ) and towel sets are also available.

Take - out shop “Hachirijyaya”

Serves take - out soft ice creams and drinks.

Courtyard and iroriba

This facility has a courtyard with a Japanese - style garden motif. Around the courtyard is free space, and in the center is a traditional Japanese building called an iroriba.

Iroriba event information

We hold a classical or jazz mini concert by a guitar and piano - playing duo once every month ( except February ) during weekend evenings.

Resting rooms “Kyusokubo”

Honden Yurakuan Oyu has an area for resting called the Kyusokubo. This is the perfect space to rest after your bath. A special women - only space is also available.